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Monday, July 11, 2005

Remembering those who didn't come home

A U.S. Air Force pilot who was shot down in Vietnam in 1966 was recently buried in Savannah after his remains were finally identified. There are actually several American servicemen from this area -- none from Warren County, but some from neighboring communities -- who remain missing in action, according to the Department of Defense Web site:

From the Korean War -- (all listed here are presumed dead by the Pentagon):
+ Staff Sgt. Larry B. Akins, U.S. Air Force, of Statesboro, missing in action since 1951.
+ Sgt. Baldwin B. Barclay, U.S. Army, of Baldwin County, missing in action since 1950.
+ Sgt. First Class James Allen Hunnicutt, U.S. Army, of Statesboro, taken prisoner in 1950.
+ Cpl. William Judson King Jr., U.S. Army, of Emanuel County, taken prisoner in 1950.
+ Sgt. Luther C. Riner of Emanuel County, missing in action since 1951.
+ Sgt. James R. Schroeder of Wilkes County, U.S. Army, killed in action in 1950.
+ Master Sgt. James R. Stapleton, U.S. Army. (The Pentagon lists his home of record as "Washington, Ga.," but it's not clear whether that's the town of Washington or Washington County.) Killed in action in 1950.
+ Private First Class Charlie Wilcher Jr., U.S. Army, also of Washington or Washington County, missing in action since 1950.

From the Vietnam War, Maj. Thomas Franklin Case, U.S. Air Force, was shot down over North Vietnam in 1966. The C-130 aircraft he was piloting was one of two in a raid trying to demolish the Thanh Hoa Bridge. Case's remains were returned to the U.S. in 1986 and were identified the following year.

Read more about what the government is doing to find our MIAs and POWs at the homepage of the Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office.

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