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Friday, June 17, 2005

Study: East Central GA 2nd-highest use of marijuana in the state

A new federal study is the first to try to identify pot usage in areas smaller than states. How did this area rank? In East Georgia, which included Warren, McDuffie, Wilkes and Jefferson counties, the survey said 5.1% of the population 12 and older had used marijuana in the previous month. Central Georgia, which they defined as including Washington and Hancock counties and the areas closer to Macon, rated 3.7%. The whole study is on the Web site of the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, but you'll also need to see this appendix if you want to make sense of what county is in what region and the actual raw figures used in the chart are here. The area with the highest incidence of marijuana use in the state was Atlanta, ranking 5.96%. The nation's highest rates were in Boston and Boulder, Colo.

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