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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Warrenton growing; Camak shrinking; Norwood holding steady

The Census Bureau's latest population estimates are out, and they show these growth rates between the 2000 U.S. Census and July 1, 2004:
  • Warrenton has gained 45 people, up to 2,058, a growth rate of 2.24%;
  • Camak has lost 6 people, down to 159;
  • and Norwood is still at 299 people, same as in 2000.

I remember covering a Camak City Council meeting once years ago. City Hall was in a little building under the water tower. I don't mean it was in the shadow of the water tower. I mean it was literally under the water tower. It looked to be about half the size of my freshman-year college dorm room, as I recall. (Not sure if it is still there or not.)

Some growth rates for some neighboring cities:
  • Thomson lost 41 people, for a total of 6,787;
  • Gibson gained 19 people, up to 713, and a growth rate of 2.74%;
  • Louisville lost 80 people, now down to 2,632;
  • Sandersville lost 96 people, up to 6,048;
  • Sparta lost 53 people and now stands at 1,389. Sparta also had one of the state's largest drops in population between 2003 and 2004, according to this Journal-Constitution story.

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